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Open Genetics
Valhalla's trees produce higher-quality, better-tasting nuts in half the time of conventional Hawaiian grafted varieties because we have been selecting for these characteristics for a combined 70 years. Rather than relying on chemicals to produce the crop, we have taken the time and used Mother Nature to produce a superior, Guatemalan more

One of the aims of Valhalla is to help reforest the world, starting with Guatemala. In the past 100 years half of the planet's forests have been cut down. As we lose forest cover, the earth loses its ability to soak up carbon dioxide and convert it into oxygen - an essential life performing function for all living things. This severe deforestation is causing land erosion... read more


Km 52.5 a San Miguel Duenas
P.O. Box 268
Antigua, Sacatepequez
Phone: +502.7831.5799
Farm: +502.5889.4925
Dial 011 before the number if calling from the USA